General Information

Founded On: 04/02/2014

Founded By: Fraust

Current Guild Leader: Fraust

Current Guild Level: 4

Current Guild Level Max: 8

Guild Regalia: Yes

Language: English

Server: New Frontier (Free-to-play)

Guild Type: Benevolent Dictatorship + Council


The Sarnautians guild was created by a mage named Fraust on the 2nd of April, 2014. His vision was to be a guild that provides everything to players mentioned below in the official guild Mission Statement. Inspiration for the founding of this guild came as overall experience as well as suggestions from fellow players.

Mission Statement

"To provide mature, active and like-minded players a place to call home that has structure, organization, goals and rewards in a safe, family-oriented yet casually hardcore style of game play."



  • End-game Raiding.
  • Both PVE and PVP content.
  • New & Experienced Player Friendly.
  • Support Leveling, Questing, Events and etc.
  • Encourage Usage of The Craft System.
  • Build Strong Bonds Between Members.
  • Maintain a close community.
  • grow upon a strong foundation.


The Sarnautians guild is currently exclusive to the league faction. The guild was founded in the league faction and so shall it remain. Not only does this ensure consistency, but it allows our members to focus on the guild as well as themselves and fellow members. Thus, ensuring a wonderful family-oriented community. We may have alliances with other guilds from either side of the faction. Any official affiliations will be displayed on our web site. If a guild is not listed under our alliances then we are not currently affiliated with said guild.

Founded upon the precepts of honor, devotion, and nobility, the noble Kanians, mystical Elves, and inquisitive Gibberlings comprise the League. The League is led by Aidenus, a Kanian Great Mage, and spans numerous allods. Thousands of years ago the Kanians were attacked by the Xadaganians, resulting in a rivalry that is now reflected in the League’s unwavering animosity against the Xadaganians and their Orcish and Arisen allies.

Unlike the Empire which is fueled by the pursuit of military and scientific superiority, the League is driven by a devotion to tradition and the determination to uphold their way of life. It’s ruled by a combination of Kanian nobles, the leaders of the Elves’ current ruling house, and a general democratic council. While the League boasts a military similar in strength to the Empire, due to its agrarian roots the League has lacked the Empire’s lust for conquest.


"We server to bring a better future to everyone!"

One of the oldest kingdoms in Sarnaut, Kania is a society rooted in tradition and nobility. With the Church of Light acting as the moral compass for the people, most government decisions are made by a group of Kanians who come from noble birth. Life in Kania differs very little from generation to generation; even the war with the Xadaganians that began four millennia ago did little to change this. Instead, the Xadaganians’ incursion only created a lasting animosity and a determination to protect their way of life.

"Beauty will save the world!"

The most ancient of all the races, the Elven race was originally composed of many large communities united by ties of blood, collectively known as the Great Ball of Families. As a result of the Great Cataclysm, however, the numbers of the Elves were drastically reduced and they could no longer refer to themselves as “great”. With only eight major Elven bloodlines remaining, the Elves renamed their community the Ball of Eight Families. While few in number, the Elves are a powerful force and an ally the League is thankful to have.

"Freedom is when nothing prevents you from having fun!"

Originating from a large allod known as Isa, the Gibberlings are a cute, furry, and mischievous race. Traditionally excellent fisherman and sailors, the Gibberlings take refuge in the sea, preferring to live on ships which offer ample protection from their enemies, as well as a primary source of food. After the Great Cataclysm and discovery of the Astral, the Gibberlings took a liking to Astral ships, frequently launching sailing expeditions in search of their lost homeland of Isa.

Guild Structure

We at the Sarnautians guild generally follow the default setup of guilds within Allods, especially when it comes to ranks and chain-of-command. However, there is slight differences. We operate as a Benevolent Dictatorship with use of an additional council. Read the table below for more information.

Ranks and Chain-of-Command

Rank (Highest to Lowest)
 Additional Information
Guild Leader (GL)
 Functions as Supreme Commander and Dictator
 Essentially the boss. Player with final say on anything guild related. His/her decision may override that of the Council's if believed to be what is best for the guild.
 Treasurer (AKA Council)
 Handles the Treasury. Also the rank held by members of The Council.
 While being members of the Council, the Treasurer also handles the guild's finances. This rank also has all the privileges that a Senior Officer has as well.
 Senior Officer (SO)
 Serves as a position of Authority. Also handles guild recruitment.
 This rank albeit comes with strong responsibility and duty, it also holds a certain level of prestige that should always be respected.
 Junior Officer (JO)
 A veteran member that has been considered to possibly be a future Senior Officer. 
 Junior Officers may also take upon apprenticeship with a current Senior Officer as well.
 A member that has served the guild not only for quite some time but both faithfully and loyally.
 These players are often what makes a guild into what it is. Dedication and loyalty go a long way.
 A Prospect that has been voted in by the Council or pardoned by the Guild Leader for full membership.
 Also a vital part to any guild. This is the first rank players have to earn once they join the guild. Players promoted to full member status have shown their dedication to the guild for the future as well as the present.
 Trial (AKA Prospect)
 ALL new members begin with this rank.
 This rank's only purpose is to give new members a chance to prove they deserve a spot within our guild. Anyone accepted as a Trial member is already seen as a good prospect by the guild. Once the trial period is over, a vote will be held to determine the outcome of said Prospect's future within the guild.
 Alternate (Alt)
 Title says all.
 Any alternate characters in the guild that are also characters owned by a current member.

Guild Features

  • Full featured Web Site.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Audio Gallery
  • Forums & Message boards.
  • Calendar & Events
  • Resources and Downloads
  • Privately, Self-Hosted Voice Chat
  • Plus Many, Many More!

Voice Chat Options

Currently, our primary voice application is TeamSpeak 3. However, we do tend to use RaidCall on occasion. For example, whenever The TeamSpeak server is down or otherwise unavailable.

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Although we at the Sarnautians guild don't have as much overly complex rules, regulations and guidelines, we still do have some to ensure the structure and compatibility of the guild and it's members. For more information, please review our official Guild Constitution.


Updated: 04/23/2014

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