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Our Constitution contains information about the guild, it's policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and standards of conduct we must all follow.

(Note: Ignorance of the information within this constitution is no excuse. As a member, it is your responsibility to be aware of any information provided within this constitution.)



- General information explaining just what the Constitution is and how it is implemented into the guild. -



"It's pretty much common sense."  - Fraust


I:1 Members of the Sarnautians are always expected to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth in our Constitution. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action taken by either the Guild Leader, Treasurers(+Council) and/or Senior Officers that can include warning, demotion, suspension, or banishment from the guild. All disciplinary actions can be appealed by the infracting member, however after the appeal all actions are final. And in some cases, appeals aren't available.
I:2 Also, some of the rules you find within the Constitution may seem to repeat themselves throughout. This is not a mistake as it was done on purpose. When creating the articles within, we used a proven memorizing method to help members remember the Constitution much easier than without the technique.

What Is The Guild Constitution?

This article will provide a better understanding of the Constitution and all it's contents within.

WTG:1 Our Constitution is a collection of history, records, laws, guidelines, conducts, morals, inspiration, faith and is the heart and soul of the guild. We at Sarnautians live, uphold and adhere to the Constitution.
WTG:2 Why do we have this Constitution? It's simple really. The reason we have this Constitution is because it is a proven method to ensure the survival, structure, organization and prosperity of the guild and it's members.
WTG:3 How come other guilds don't have a Constitution? You tell us? We honestly can't think of a reason why any guild wouldn't have a good, solid foundation to live upon. But, that would explain why so many guilds grow and prosper but perish in the end. Some don't even come off the ground. So we must be doing something right, right?
WTG:4 But WHY do we have it? After having many different experiences in many different guilds, we have decided to take what we liked and felt was best for a guild's needs and molded it to fit our needs and we're sure a lot of you will feel the same way on the matter. But, the main reason we have this is for the structure. This, we would have to say is the most important thing you can have in a guild. Structure not only provides organization but it also provides seniority and ranks that actually have meaning and prestige. Each player will have their duties assigned to whatever rank they hold. This will ease the burden on everyone overall. It will also create goals that the players can work towards. However, the most effective solution it provides is LESS DRAMA. If players can understand who and what their superior officer is, there is a chance there will be less bickering and tension in the guild between all the members. Letting players simply "know their place" and giving room for the guild to grow as a whole rather than a bunch of separate players.


- Contains all the information that has made Sarnautians the guild it is today. -


Member Requirements

- These are additional rules and guidelines that focuses on all things that members are required to uphold on a daily basis. -

MR:1 As a new member, you will be expected to take full participation in the guild. This includes in-game as well as the web site and voice chat (if applicable). Also, please complete your member profile providing information such as your main character's name, classes, professions and whatever more as soon as possible. We prefer to actually know who our members are. If you do not do so, chances are you're going to miss out on many guild events such as raids, contests, events, skirmishes and more.
MR:2 Interaction with other guild members. Group, trade, etc. (This ensures friendship between members and overall better gaming experience within the guild.)
MR:3 Visit the guild website often! There is news, announcements and other vast amounts of information provided for all members.
MR:4 No cheating; hacks, cheats and/or other game exploits will not be tolerated. If you can't play the game fairly as it was intended, don't play with us. You are required to play the game as it is, or risk being removed and possibly banned from the guild. (This requirement excludes game add-ons and other mods of this nature.)

MR:5 Begging is annoying. If you need anything, be it money, help with a quest or boss, or maybe gear or even general information, feel free to go ahead and ask for it. But please don't spam. And who responds well to demands? Correct, no one. So please keep your requests, questions, and comments civil and polite. (We love to help others, just not total pricks.)

MR:6 ALWAYS feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve the forum, web site, or as a guild as a whole.
MR:7 Voice chat options will be provided to all members of the guild.


- Additional Core Rules that all members need to uphold. -

BL:1 You are encouraged to post your information.
BL:2 Interact with other guild members (In most cases, if you help them, they will help you).

BL:3 Visit the guild web site and register as a member.

BL:4 NO CHEATING! This includes but not limited to: our web site and voice channels.

BL:5 Don't spam (You are tarnishing not only your reputation, but the guild's as well).

BL:6 Offer suggestions to better the guild (we care and listen to all our member's opinions).

BL:7 Help provide the guild resources of any kind (our leader founded the guild; our members help make it stronger).

BL:8 This guild is not your family. We are your in-game friends. Your personal family should always come first. Please do not be spitefully rude or excessively use/abuse profanity. Sure, we allow members to goof off or joke around, but being overly annoying is not tolerated. Respect other members of the guild as they may be young or do not want to hear these things that may offend someone. Be respectful to everyone.
BL:9 We do NOT condone and will NOT tolerate discrimination concerning age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Common jokes and pranks are fine so long as the victim isn't truly hurt or offended.

BL:10 We respect all other players in the game, whether they are soloists, groupies or your fellow guild members. Alive or dead. Do not verbally assault other players in-game. This means no seriously raunchy taunting or any verbal attack that could impact a person's ability to play and enjoy what MMORPGs have to offer. Do not (unless justified) dance, stomp or otherwise harass the corpses of friends and/or enemies. It's rude and makes the entire guild look bad.

BL:11 Every member of Sarnautians has the potential to be a sole representative of the guild. That said, you should handle yourself as well as endeavor to represent the guild in an appropriate manner. This includes spelling, grammar and otherwise. Please retain a professional yet casual outlook at all times as much as possible.

BL:12 By all means, share the wealth with your fellow guild members. Offer them bargains on items amongst other things. Do NOT rip-off, jip or Jew your fellow guild members under any circumstances. This is NOT tolerated.

Standards of Conduct

- Title says all. -

SOC:1 During the creation of this document, "Sarnautians is a fairly new guild. Thousands of guilds have risen and fallen before our creation. At the same time, considering our age, we have become very successful as a guild. A portion of this success derives itself from our set of core values and laws that govern the guild. We strive not only to become a guild of great proportions but also to be a unified family and have a ton of fun! As with any successful guild, member participation is the key."
SOC:1-2 Sarnautians does not enter into arguments on public forums or any other public viewable options to communicate. We don't brag about content completed. We don't race other guilds to be the first to overcome a collection of pixels at the expense of our members. We at Sarnautians will continue to maintain our belief in team first, members first, friends first while advancing through content and/or end-game content to ensure we have a lot of fun doing so.

Guild Focus = Community

SOC:2 The guild is it's members. This means taking an active part in the guild, joining in events, grouping with other guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, doing what you can to help the guild as a whole. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the guild. And never forget, a game is a game. Let's have fun, generate moderate amounts of mayhem, be professional and look damn good doing it!
SOC:3 Guild first; We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of "guild first". Anything a member does is reflected on the overall guild image and on all fellow members. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the guild image that we have worked very hard to create.
SOC:4 Also, NEVER forget that you carry the guild's name above your head at all times. Conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being a Sarnautian and make those around you happy to see one. Be polite, both to guild members and fellow travelers. Be a nice person - even if this means you have to role play the whole time (we're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...) Don't spam, ninja-loot, or steal other player's kills. Do not get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally train.

SOC:5 It is not permitted to relay any information outside the guild, for any reason, at any time.

SOC:6 Sarnautians is a guild that is exclusive to its members and possible players wishing to join our ranks. We do not share information with the public except through official channels and officially sanctioned outlets. Therefore, no member should reveal any information, no matter how minor they may think it is, outside the guild.

SOC:7 Participate in guild events. Hunts, raids, events and other in-game activities occur all the time. You are expected to take place in as many of them as possible. We understand players have lives and cannot live with the online world and that is fine. But if you are online and we are having a guild event of some sort, you need to be there and participating in it. If there is a reason you'd prefer not to participate and there is a reasonable reason for this then you shall be excused so long as it doesn't become a habit. Actively working against the guild on any mission will result in immediate and permanent removal.

SOC:8 Leadership roles in our guild are decided based on demonstrated ability, seniority and the need for a leader in a particular spot. You can be assure that your superior officer of any ranking is working hard to make the game a better experience for you. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all orders from superior officers need to be immediately followed. If errors are made, they should be reported to the guild leader where they will be dealt with and, if needed, changed made to the superior officer team. Absent those changes, all superior officers should be listened to as though it was the guild leader issuing the order personally.

SOC:9 We are a team of friends. Backing up your fellow guild member is expected because they will do the same for you. Sarnautians understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for the team to complete a mission. We don't view it as a personal sacrifice, however, because we are helping out a friend and that is more important that loot or pixels on a screen. Games often come and go. Sarnautians and the friendship it contains, remain.
SOC:10 Sarnautians only accepts members into its ranks that are of similar personalities, goals and values to its own. All our members support and follow our core rules and anyone who cannot, is removed. Our core rules and values have served us well since our creation and was the foundation we were created upon. These will continue to be the guiding principles behind the advancement of the guild.
SOC:11 Any member of Sarnautians whether he/she be a Senior Officer or still a Prospect who does not play within a game developer's policies and our guild rules will be removed from the guild as this can damage a guild's reputation. Conversely, if another player acts poorly toward you, then try politely asking them to stop or reach a compromise. If that doesn't work, inform any available Senior Officer. If the matter cannot be solved by a Senior Officer then he/she may escalate this issue further up to the guild leader. Senior Officers may co-interact with other Senior Officers to work out a solution. If and when one cannot be reached through this method and tension rises, the guild leader will act as FULL AUTHORITY and make a decision of judgment as he/she sees fit. Their decisions are FINAL! There is never an excuse for dealing with like by like.

SOC:12 Have self-respect. No begging in guild chat, and especially not in say, zone, shout or even world chat. By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction. If it is not immediately urgent or no-one is around to help, try the forums. For quest assistance, do some research, and if needed, plan a date and time, asking for help from people through a forum post or setting an event on the calendar of the guild web site. It's easier to help those who help themselves in this respect. Please refrain from auctioning or selling items in guild chat - that is what the more public channels mentioned above are for. HOWEVER, you may sell stuff in guild chat so long as you don't spam. Also, these are your guild members; do not rip-off your fellow guild members. Offer discounts, simply be kind. If you are looking for services such as crafting then your requests should be polite and specific where possible. Guild members are under no obligation to fulfill the requests, however if they are not busy and have the time to spare, then providing assistance is encouraged. These should be non-exploitative, neither overcharging a guild member nor making a profit from another good will. If a guildies offers you something cheaply, buy it to use it, not to sell it elsewhere. If no response to your request is received in guild chat, then direct whispers may be used. By all means repeat the request after a reasonable amount of time has passed but absolutely do not spam!

General Ordinances

- General instructions related to doing what is mentioned in the title of this document. -

GO:1 This is a relaxed raiding guild. Maintaining "relaxed" is a core goal of the guild leadership, but maintaining "raiding" is equally important. With that in mind, the following principles & ordinances should be upheld by all members.

GO:1-2 Be courteous to all players, regardless if they are fellow guild members, allies, or enemies. Insulting other players (guild member or otherwise) reflects badly upon the guild and will not be tolerated in any form. Respect is earned, courtesy must be given in order to maintain a friendly guild.

GO:2 All guild members are expected to act maturely. You can be mature and still have fun and enjoy yourself.

GO:3 Be cautious with your language. Occasional swearing is likely to occur in guild, group and voice channels but is strongly discouraged; however, should be completely curtailed in public. Also, be mindful of the ages and temperaments of other guild and group members before using any language which might offend.

GO:4 Guild members are to always positively represent the guild. Professional behavior reflects well on the guild, terrible behavior reflects badly, and a bad reputation spreads faster than a good one.

GO:5 No cheating, hacking or exploiting. If anyone is found to be in breach of any game policies you will be reported to the game's developer and removed from the guild. No second chances.

GO:6 Begging will not be tolerated. Just because other players are a higher level than you, does not mean they can always afford to help you. If you need something, kindly ask in guild chat, if someone can help you, they will, if not, do not keep asking repeatedly.
GO:7 Applying to another guild while a member of Sarnautians will be considered to be equivalent to a resignation from our guild and possibly seen as treason.

Alliance Policy

- General rules and guidelines regarding how the guild handles alliances, etc. -

AP: Alliances within gaming are often not needed and more of a mental thing rather than having any tangible impact on the game itself. Sarnautians does not typically engage in such alliances. We do, however, form strategic alliances with guilds when there is a compelling, mutual interest or goal and there is clear benefit to both guilds to do so. We only ally with like-minded guilds and never form alliances with those who's values and practices are not ones we can support. If a guild would like to discuss an alliance an email can be sent here. with the information about your guild and why the alliance makes sense for both yourself and for us. An officer will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

In-active Clause

- Explains how the guild operates when members become or have been in-active for a period of time. -

IA:1 Any guild member who is inactive or gone AWOL for one month or more may be removed from the guild. This includes alternate characters. Any guild member who Is taking an extended break with the intent to return can notify a Senior Officer and a note will be made on the expected return date and if said member does not return within one month of that date they will be removed from the guild. Any guild member who is removed due to inactivity may be reinstated upon returning at the new recruit rank, skipping the actual recruitment process but not the requirements to move to higher ranks.
IA:2 Deadweight is not needed in the guild. Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will result in your removal. We do have an "inactive" status for members who are retired from games we play and wish to join us in future games. For those inactive in games, we expect them to read our posting forum daily for our updates. We expect active communication to the guild leader and/or senior officers to keep them informed of your progress and any issues, ideas, feedback etc. that you may have. Simply vanishing off the face of the earth without any email indicating you wish to go to inactive status is taken as a sign you have quit the guild and membership will be null and void.