1.) Q: Just what is The Sarnautians?

     A: Sarnautians is a guild in the MMORPG known as Allods Online.

2.) Q: What does Sarnautians mean?

      A: In game lore, the planet before the cataclysm was called "Sarnaut". Since we all came from there, that makes us Sarnautians. This guild            has embraced it's history.

3.) Q: Is Sarnautians a private guild?

      A: To an extent, yes. Although we are often always welcoming new members into our community, some perks from being part of our                    group actually requires folks to "be" part of the group.

Web Site Related

4.) Q: Why does the site seem a little complex and blotched?

      A: Well, that's because we use a free service to host our site and all our information. Unfortunately, a single account isn't enough to hold              the data the way we intended it to. Therefore, we had to make several different accounts. One for the Main site, One for Information                  and Resources, one for Skirmish Records and another for media such as photos, videos, and documents. Although don't worry too                    much, we work hard to ensure the experience is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Guild Specific

5.) Q: What's The History of The Guild?

      A: Well, there isn't much actually. The guild itself was just recently founded.